Spring/Summer '17



What’s the idea?

Coliving, Coworking, Cohousing, Cofun - name it as you like...


In one of the most beautiful places of Malta, we created this inspiring working environment. Whether you work inside or at our open-air workspace: Who needs motivational quotes if you can have the beautiful outlook over the city and the sea, with the 24/7 ability to grind?


We consider ourselves as a working community of like-minded people. You will live in a charming Maltese house with spacious rooftops overlooking the whole island, where we are having BBQ's in the evening and enjoy the sun during the day!


Malta is the perfect mix between not having to fear of missing out on something and a small but progressive paradise with europe's most beautiful shorelines and a wide range of things to do after your daily hustle.


Our home is the perfect place for digital nomads, bloggers, coders, hippies or all other remote workers who just need a laptop, a big ass flatscreen and a comfy desk to get into their zone. Plus the sun. Plus the beaches. Plus the peace of one of the smallest countries in the world.

  • Minimalistic & Basic
  • 100 / 10 Mbit/s fiber internet
  • Flexible Desk (indoor & outdoor)
  • Freshly brewed Italian coffee (unlimited)


Whether you want to have your own private room or prefer to sleep in a shared room, we’ll have you covered. After your daily hustle join the others on the rooftop and bring a cold local beer.

  • Washing machine
  • Large rooftop terrace
  • Two fully equipped kitchens
  • Private or shared room with shared bathroom
  • Variety of restaurants and bars around the corner


We know how important it is to be able to grind undisturbed on the one hand and to have likeminded people, to hang out after your daily hustle on the other hand. Therefore you will have the chance to join in on the following activities.

  • Rooftop-BBQ's
  • Scuba Diving Trips
  • Sip a beer or even partying
  • Heading to the beach, sunbathing
  • Crossfit, Weightlifting & Healthy Lifestyle

What makes the Digital Nomad House unique is clearly the sense of family and friendship. I remember the moment when I sat down on our rooftop, connected to our uber-fast, fiber-internet, while staring out across the Grand Harbour, the 3-Cities and Valetta on this tiny rocky island, thinking to myself “This is something truly unique”.

Why Malta?

Exploring the world and working as a freelancer isn’t always easy to combine, right? Finding a safe haven with a fast and stable internet connection turns out to be a hassle sometimes. That’s why we initiated the first Coworking-Coliving-Community in Malta.
  • Flights starting from 9,95 €
  • Work in complete peace. No disturbances.
  • Malta is one of the best places to live as an expat (source)
  • 8 month of Summer a year, average yearly temperature of 18°C
  • Reachable within one to three hours flight from all European airports.
  • Malta is highly popular among digital expats from all over the world - the digital nomad scene is also growing rapidly!


Some random snaps...
  • 2 Minutes to the sea! Gorgeous!
  • Close to the ferry, supermarkets, restaurants and gyms
  • In Malta's best neighborhood, away from the tourist crowds
  • Low-cost direct flights from most major european cities! Check RyanAir ;-)
  • Super connected to the airport - Bus (1,50€), shuttle service (5€) or taxi (18€)

About us

We are funny and open-minded people who got tired of working in our homecountry Germany. During our own travel and while spending more than one year on the island we discovered Malta as the perfect place for people who are not bound to a fixed workplace and immediately felt in love with this beautiful island. That’s why we opened the first Coworking-Coliving-Community in Malta.

Daniel, 28

Daniel, kind of a coder for more than a decade but dreams to be the next Elon Musk, wannabe bodybuilder, wannabe vegetarian - born and raised in Germany, brainwashed in India. In love with Malta since 2009. Paula's affaire de coeur.


Paula, 23

Paula admires the sun, can cope with all kinds of people but is still at war with stupid technology. But addicted to reddit. She works in a social organization in Malta as cares for the kids and elderly in need. Daniels romantic romance.

The digital nomad friends

See who got invited to come to the Digital Nomad House this summer.

Paulina - Aspiring digital nomad

Working partly remotely in project and change management as a contractor based in London with a huge client Unilever working very hard on digital transformation portfolio of deployments.



io Bru - Spanish nomad, creative and entrepreneur

Im a spanish nomad, creative and entrepreneur. A seafaring soul, deeply in love with the sea. My curiosity is insatiable and I love living new adventures everyday.



Heike - Change Manager

Working partly remotely as Change Manager and establishing my company Business Gamification, developing the first prototype which shall be ready for testing very soon.



Verena - Online Entrepreneur, Germany

Web & Graphics Design, Blogs and Online-Shops. Loves coffee, hammocks, warm countries and warm-hearted people.



Amra - Art historian turned software developer

From Bosnia and Herzegovina, art historian turned worm scientist turned software developer.


Dirk - Full-stack developer

Working for a German software company as a full-stack developer. Loves to hike, run, surf, dive, bike, skate, climb and more.



Managing refugee camps, pursuing different eCommerce methods, considering a luxury co-sailing yacht experience…



Machiel - Freelancer, Netherlands

Go developer & co-founder of campaigny.io



Philipp - Software developer, Germany

Searching for a new way to work and life


Daniel - Wannapreneur, Germany

Automation. Code. Software. People.



Mario - Austria

Scoring, Timing and TV Graphics for sport events. Bottomless coffee, meeting interesting new people, networking, get some shit done and of course have fun.



Norman Köhring - Freelancing programmer, Germany

Programmer and Engineer based in Berlin. OpenSource, OpenData, OpenBorders. Cryptography for the masses. Loves Javascript and Rust. Founder of the Vue.js // Berlin Meetup.



‎Noëlle Steegs‎ - WordPress / WooCommerce

Minimalist exploring the EU while designing and developing WordPress websites.



Daniel - Digital Nomad, Germany

Digital marketer and blogger obsessed with sports and beautiful places.



YOU - What do you do?

Maybe your awesome description of what you do?

"The Digital Nomads House Malta was created for the community. This is not another soulless coworking space. Instead the focus lays on the connections and interactions of the participants. It is a network, not just a place. But above all, it is an unforgettable experience - Off the beaten path!"

Your Desk, Bed & Sun

Why are there no prices? Because we are on a mission!

The whole project is not for profit and should serve the community of Digital Nomads around Europa.

Sounds like a stereotype, right? The idea is to connect digital friends, share skills, mindsets as well as the costs of having such a beautiful haven for digital nomads.

That's why we don't have actual prices, as we are just trying to cover our monthly expenses like rent, water, electricity, fiber-internet and coffee (☕). Every Digital Nomad will just pay his / her fair share to our expenses.

And last but not least: Having a good time!

  • Lots of space to unwind and relax on our awesome rooftop
  • Unlimited Supply of Italian Coffee
  • 100 / 10 Mbit/s Internet
  • Desk
  • Bed

Why are there no prices?

Check the orange box above ;-) Just apply below and we will come back to you with your share for your stay!

Why do I need to apply?

Furthermore we want provide you with the best possible work setting and try to create an inspiring atmosphere where interesting people can connect with each other in order to amplify their skills and mindsets, please understand, that we are doing a short initial check if you fit into the hustler's community ;-) So please fill out the form below and we will come back to you shortly.